Is Maranatha a magic Word?

Your children may ask you if the word ´Maranatha´ is a magic word, that if by saying it, good things will happen or that wishes may come true.

You might explain to them that it is not 'magic' in the way things are in stories, but that ´Maranatha´ is an ancient prayer which means ´Come Lord´. It is in Aramaic the language Jesus spoke. Although Jesus always dwells in their hearts, they are most of the time not aware of it. So they are asking Jesus to come and help them to become aware of His loving Presence. Since it is so ancient and so well-used throughout the centuries, it is a very powerful prayer that will slowly take them to the Silence in their heart where Jesus dwells. There they will experience the love of God and that experience in turn will make them more loving to others. And it is love that makes good things happen!