Materials for Weekend for the Essential Teaching

Notes on 'Organizing a 'Weekend for the Essential Teaching'

Guidelines for organising a "Workshop on the Essential Teaching" are now available for download here. If you would like to view these guidelines, please click here.

Coming Home Resources for Presenters

If you are about to embark on sharing the teaching of meditation with others, a comprehensive resource is now available here to help you on your way. The "Coming Home" booklet offers you resources for teaching meditation, drawn from many people's experience of introducing meditation in the Christian tradition. You will also become more aware of what our Community is called to be.

Objectives of the Workshop for the Essential Teaching'

This document summarises the five major points to remember, as a facilitator, when preparing and debriefing presentations. This file is in Microsoft Word format (.doc).

Essential Teaching by Peter Ng

History of the Tradition by Kim Nataraja

Stages of the Journey by Kim Nataraja