Weekly letters for meditating with your children


Meditation is a wonderful gift we have to pass on to our children, which will support them at this moment in their life and will continue to bring them great blessings throughout their lives. 

My friends don’t want to meditate with me!

Your children can become very enthusiastic about meditation and invite others to meditate with them. They can become disappointed if their friends do not want to meditate with them.

From imagination to silence and stillness

As a parent or teacher, you can explain to your children the difference between imagination and stillness of mind. When we imagine things, our mind is very active and creative.

Who is John Main?

You can tell your children about the Benedictine monk John Main, who rediscovered this Christian way of prayer we are practicing.

Why should I meditate every day?

There are many answers to this question but the most important one is that we meditate every day to remind ourselves that Christ dwells in our hearts.

The Power of Prayer

It is good for your children to know that by meditating they are joining the prayer of Jesus. It is not us who pray, but it is Jesus who prays for us in our hearts.

Is Maranatha a magic Word?

Your children may ask you if the word ´Maranatha´ is a magic word, that if by saying it, good things will happen or that wishes may come true.

We are part of a larger Community

It is good for your children to know that by meditating they are part of a very large worldwide community of friends, who meditate twice a day, every day of their lives.

Who invented meditation?

It is important to explain to your children that the way of prayer that John Main called 'meditation' is not a newly invented way of prayer; it is really the same as what is called 'contemplative p

How long is the period of meditation for children?

Be patient and loving with your children in sharing meditation with them - this is the greatest gift you can give them for the whole of their life.