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“In meditation you are learning to be. Just to be, as you are.” (John Main)

There is a radical simplicity to meditation and yet it is not easy. At the School of Meditation, we will help you on a journey to greater self knowledge, bringing more balance, depth and meaning to your life.

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“The new School of Meditation website brings the World Community to a new and higher level of sharing the contemplative wisdom we need so much today. ‘Everyday mysticism’ produces both personal and social transformation. For this we need deep roots in tradition adapted to the conditions of our time: The School of Meditation offers the right kind of support and many tools, courses and interactions for growing this new way of life of depth and meaning.” 

 Prof Bernard McGinn



In the silence of meditation, when you go beyond thought and imagination, you begin to understand that being is what life is about. In meditation you are learning to be. To be is to live as the person you are, without trying to justify your existence or make excuses for your personality. Just to be, as you are. The wonder of it is that the more simple you become, the more you are able to enjoy to the full the gift of your being.

- John Main, OSB

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