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The School of Meditation is part of The World Community for Christian Meditation, a global and inclusive contemplative community made up of thousands of weekly groups in more than 100 countries.

Founded almost 30 years ago, the Community has evolved steadily and grown to nurture the practice of meditation and to share this gift with others across an ever-growing spectrum of society – religious and secular. We see meditation as revealing the common ground between all faiths and cultures while respecting their uniqueness.

The School of Meditation arose to support this work. A wealth of programs and resources has been developed to initiate, support and guide people on their journey.

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Meditation is not a technique. It is an incredibly simple means of coming to deep peace at the centre of our own being. It is not about success or failure, progression or regression, it is a way of learning to just be, fully alive in harmony with oneself and with all of creation. A life- giving, life discipline – much more than a technique.

As we start to meditate we learn to let go of thoughts and ideas, and to rest in the depths of our own being. There we find a great space – the space that our spirit needs to breathe, the space to be oneself. When you meditate you don’t need to apologize for yourself, or to justify yourself. All you need is to be yourself and fully accept the gift of your own being.

Meditation is a universal wisdom. Here you will meet it through the Christian tradition of the ‘prayer of the heart’. Christian Meditation is a simple way to make the interior pilgrimage from mind to heart. We are so often too head-centred, caught up in the mental noise and overloaded imagination of our culture. In meditation we leave the noise, the thoughts, words and images to one side and allow the inner space to reveal itself.

To lay aside our thoughts, we take a short word or phrase and repeat it silently, interiorly. The important thing is to stay with the same word and say it continuously. The word or mantra we recommend is one of the oldest Christian prayers: Maranatha. It is in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke and it means ‘Come Lord’. We are not thinking of the meaning of the word when we say it. We are not thinking about God but being with God.

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The Meditation Journey

Meditation is a journey on which you will uncover deep insights into the life of the spirit manifesting at all levels of your being – physical, emotional, psychological. It is a way of wholeness and therefore a healing work for the whole person and all our relationships. It is a pilgrimage through the sacred universe of the human person, who is an image of God, through the awakening of self-knowledge. It is a lifelong journey, a daily practice and we are always beginners. It is so simple that children get it immediately but it requires fidelity and faithfulness to stay on the path and humility to come back on to it if you drop off.

In the still point of the present moment we encounter the spirit of love that lives and moves in our hearts. Then we know that every part of our journey, from the superficial levels of the distracted mind to the deeper inner conflicts and wounds of our psyche are penetrated by the healing power of love. This is what transforms us: in time we see how the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are revealed at all levels of our life.

The Tradition of Meditation

Meditation is a universal spiritual practice found in all the great wisdom traditions.

In the Christian tradition it is known as the prayer of the heart because it takes us deeper than thought words or images. It takes us deeper than the imagination and all the games the ego plays. To understand the roots of meditation in the Christian tradition of prayer let’s go back to the gospels and what Jesus said about prayer – going into our inner room to pray, leaving self behind, reducing words to a minimum, laying anxiety aside and being in the present moment- all elements of his teaching in The Sermon on the Mount.

This way of silent, imageless prayer is found throughout the Christian tradition. The desert mothers and fathers of the fourth century who settled in the remote deserts of Egypt shared this deep wisdom and practice. Their way of life and prayer became the spiritual centre of its time and still has much to teach us today. This way of prayer is found in the teachings of John Cassian and The Cloud of Unknowing and mystics like Meister Eckhart, St John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton and many others who invite us to participate in this contemplative tradition.

More recently, we have been blessed by the life and teachings of Benedictine monk John Main who helped to recover Christian Meditation for our own time. The World Community for Christian Meditation exists to communicate and nurture meditation as passed on by John Main in the spirit of serving the unity of all.

In the silence of meditation, when you go beyond thought and imagination, you begin to understand that being is what life is about. In meditation you are learning to be. To be is to live as the person you are, without trying to justify your existence or make excuses for your personality. Just to be, as you are. The wonder of it is that the more simple you become, the more you are able to enjoy to the full the gift of your being.John Main, OSB

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