Daily Lent Reflections by Laurence Freeman OSB

Join Laurence Freeman OSB through Lent this year and develop and deepen the daily practice of meditation in your life. This course is divided into 4 Lessons - one for each week. A reflection is provided each day and includes a period of meditation to begin. Reflections will be uploaded at regular intervals.

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In his Daily Reflections this year Laurence Freeman again accompanies us with a blend of wisdom and humour through this season. He helps to sustain Lent as a time of new spiritual and personal growth. Among his themes this year he will explore how we discover more of the wonderful depth of life by perceiving more dimensions of reality.

His vision again brings us the gospel teaching as a living word to lighten and enlighten our daily experience. It weaves together the different elements of life so we can see our daily challenges in the light of the big mysteries.

In previous years – as with his Lenten book Sensing God – these Reflections can help develop and deepen the daily practice of meditation.

You can watch a talk on Lent given by Laurence Freeman at The Meditatio Centre  here