An Introduction to Christian Meditation – A Six Week Course

This course teaches you how to meditate and helps you to establish it as a regular practice. It also tells the story of how meditation was rediscovered within the Christian tradition as a form of contemplative prayer and how it is practiced by many Christians around the world.

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The course has 6 Lessons which has 3 topics each.  Each lesson has a time for meditation so that the course is experiential and not just theoretical.  The text introduces you to the topic with supplementary audio or video material.  Going Further gives you practical suggestions to help your practice and self-awareness exercises for the week ahead.  There is also some recommended reading.  There is also opportunity to contact the Course Tutor who can guide you at any point.

The objective of the course is to introduce you to Christian Meditation as taught by John Main OSB and to help you establish it as a daily practice.  This is the beginning of a journey – which we hope you will enjoy!

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