Group Leaders

John Main said “the best way to teach others how to pray is to pray with them”.  The Meditation Group is a way into the deeper meaning of meditation by connecting our personal experience to community – and by both giving and receiving encouragement. 

The Group Leader facilitates this sharing.  Their faithful commitment to running the group on a regular basis is deeply valued in the community.  There are over 2700 meditation groups worldwide to help sustain your daily practice and the groups become a centre for friendship and stability.

Each group has its own personality but all follow the same structure.  We begin with a short teaching on meditation. Then we meditate for 20-30 minutes.  We conclude with time for questions and sharing. 

Meditatio CDs

Each group is sent a Meditatio CD which contains short teachings from different teachers on a quarterly basis. These short talks are used at the beginning of each group meeting. To receive these regularly please register with your National Coordinator.

NB: In the near future, CD’s will be phased out in favour of newer technology but lots of notice and guidance will be given. 

You can access these audio files and transcripts in English here. Many group leaders print a copy off for their group for further reflection.

The transcript of these Meditatio CDs have also been translated into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch.  For the translations please consult National Websites.  

Online Groups

There are also Online Groups for those who can not attend a physical meeting.  Your group members may wish to join one when they are travelling or away from home.  

The Weekly Teachings

Over a 3-year cycle, the Weekly Teachings, form an ongoing series that builds up into a solid foundation of the tradition in which we meditate. The weekly teachings may form the content of the teaching element of the group. They could also form part of the discussion after the meditation. They can be copied and handed out to the group members or sent to them by email. Each year has an overarching theme:
  • Year One is the Essential Teaching
  • Year Two deals with the certainties and uncertainties experienced in meditation
  • Year Three deals with the Christian theology of meditation

Downloadable Materials for introducing meditation

These materials are based on Paul Harris’ book ‘Silence and Stillness in every Season’ and have been adapted by Sr Jill Shrivington with his permission.

These materials are very easy to translate into different languages.

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