Six Week Introductory Course

This is a step by step guide for presenting a six week Introduction to Christian Meditation. We don’t teach in isolation because we belong to a tradition and the community expresses that and provides help and support. As Fr Laurence Freeman says “This short course describes a simple and straightforward way of planting a seed for a better way of living, a better way of seeing and a better world.”

This course is run on a weekly basis either for your meditation group or for newcomers. It will provide all the necessary materials for each week. Each meeting comprises a welcome, talk, a meditation session and time for sharing and questions.

How to lead the Course

It is, as always, a great privilege to be able to lead others to meditation and to share this gift. It requires no great learning but simply your willingness to share it. If you need help to publicise the event or support with resources please contact your national coordinator who will be very happy to help you. We recommend that you buy the book Six-Week Introductory Course: A handbook for presenters which gives detailed help on how to run the course.

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Downloads, Audios, and Presentations

Introduction and Overview

Week 1: What is Christian meditation?

Week 2: John Main

Week 3: The Roots of our Tradition

Week 4: The Wheel of Prayer

Week 5: Leaving Self behind

Week 6: The Fruits of Meditation


Supplementary Material

John Main’s Journey

The Roots of Christian Meditation

The Practice of Christian Meditation

Introduction to Christian Meditation by Kim Nataraja (presentation)

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