Roots of Christian Mysticism

The Roots of Christian Mysticism Course has been successfully offered in many countries around the world.  The course gives an overview of the Christian mystical tradition. Each class focuses on a specific mystic or School in the historical tradition. The presenters speak from their personal expertise in this field and give an accessible introduction with accompanying texts and comments.

The Roots Course becomes a spiritual journey followed by all the participants together. The scholarship is important but is at the service of an interior process of growth.

Download PDF Guidelines on How to Organise a Roots Course

Online Courses

The Roots of Christian Mysticism: 1-3

The Roots of Christian Mysticism is also available as an Online Course.  This can be studied by individuals but it can also be used in a group setting. There are special rates for a group.  There are many ways you can organise how you use the online material in a group setting. As a suggestion, individuals can study the material on their own and get together on a weekly basis to meditate together and then discuss the mystic using the questions for reflection provided in the course.  You will need a group leader to facilitate and chair the meetings.

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