General Resources

The resources of The School of Meditation cover a wide range of topics within the following themes – The Practice of Meditation, The Journey of Meditation, and The Tradition of Meditation. These resources will be helpful for those starting to meditate, but also for those well on their way.


The Programs of the School of Meditation are conducted in over 60 countries throughout the world. The various programs support and nurture meditators at all stages of their journey from the first steps of being introduced to meditation.

Presenters Resources

Current presenters can access the wide range of resources to help them share the gift of meditation with others.

All Publications

We have a wide range of books, videos and CDs that draw on the wisdom and experience of a rich tradition of teachers including John Main OSB, Laurence Freeman OSB and many others.

You can also access our multimedia resources – audio and video – free of charge. These are ready to play or download.

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